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Troy Meeder and his wife, Kim, founded Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in 1995. The non-profit ranch is a place for abused kids and horses to go for emotional healing. Troy and Kim found that when kids try and help the horses they are themselves emotionally healed as well. His wife has written several books with stories of the ministry of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch. The pair are the recipients of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award for public service. Average Joe is the first book written by Troy.

Idea Behind Average Joe

Troy Meeder explores the belief that ordinary, faithful men are most usually chosen by God to do His most important work. He looks at the ordinary men of the Bible: David the shepherd, Peter the fisherman, Gideon the tentmaker, and even Jesus, the carpenter. Each of thse men answered the call and did extraordinary work for God.

The stories of these ordinary men from the Bible are mixed with stories of ordinary men. The belief is that an ordinary existence can shape a man’s resolve, strength and morality. These Average Joes share their stories to help men on their journey through an ordinary life which is the highest calling in God’s eyes.

Stories about men of the Bible

The book begins with exploring what kind of man every young boy wanted to be when they grew up. All young boys dream of doing something big and amazing and leaving their mark on history. As these young men grow up they soon realize their life is not what they imagined but is filled with every day tasks like taking out the garbage, going to work and mowing the lawn. These men quickly see themselves as average and not destined for anything special.

Through a series of stories of real men, Meeder explores the Average Joe life and how it is a noble life after all. Readers are reminded of being good fathers, husbands, and friends. For example, the author speaks to the reader of being a mentor or a mentee to another man. Men need each other, Meeder says, and the importance of these friendships with other ordinary men should not be ignored.

Extras included in Average Joe

Book discussion groupThe book includes a discussion guide to be used by men’s groups. The guide goes through the book section by section discussing the stories told. Men are asked to relate the stories to their own lives through written answer and through discussion. The guide is divided into eight sections but can be adjusted if a more in depth study is desired. The guide could be used by a group or an individual could use the guide to get more from the book.

Average Joe is an excellent book. It validity to all the Average Joes in the world. It give them importance through the stories. I am a woman but I even found learning through the stories. Average Joe is a book that could be read and studied by men and women alike. While designed for men, much of the teaching would be beneficial to the Average Josephines of the world as well.

Average Joe: God’s Extraordinary Calling to Ordinary Men
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